Basic Info

OG NFTs are the Utility NFT of the CrossSpace platform. Here are the basic details:

  • Pricing: 0.05 ETH

  • Total Supply: 1000

  • Public Sale: 500

  • Network: Arbitrum

Team reserved for global partnerships: 500


OG NFT has been minted and sold out on March 20, 2024. Users can now trade the OG NFT in the major marketplaces including Elements, OKX and Opensea.

OG NFT Contract on Arbitrum: 0xEe5323bB20AcE65850923Bb5D60B5a146aFdEd0D




OG NFT Levels

OG NFTs come in five levels from Level 1 to Level 5.

Users with higher-level enjoy faster Purple Crystal mining speed, more platform campaign rewards, raffle winning weightings, and airdrop rewards.

Mining speed boost:

  • Level 5 : 3x

  • Level 4: 2.5x

  • Level 3: 2x

  • Level 2: 1.5x

  • Level 1: 1.25x

OG Badge Benefits

Short-term benefits:

  • Holder exclusive daily Purple Crystal airdrops; Purple Crystals can be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio for $CSPT tokens.

  • Accelerated Purple Crystal mining speed, enhancing your earning potential by 1.25–3 times.

  • Priority access to exclusive platform airdrops, whitelists, raffles, and more.

  • Boost your Social Impact Score, facilitating faster ranking and access to special airdrops.

Long-term benefits:

  • The ability to purchase NFTs/props directly on the platform, enhancing your collection.

  • Opportunities to upgrade to higher-level OG Badges, unlocking even greater privileges.

  • Increased platform traffic and additional privileges through staking, allowing you to further maximize your participation in the CrossSpace community.

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