Content Ticket/Creator Keys

Every content creator on CrossSpace can issue a creator Key asset and multiple content Ticket assets. Fans of creators can earn profits by purchasing these assets and waiting for their value to increase. They can also enjoy special empowerment by holding these assets.

  • Content Tickets:

Creators can choose to launch their content for sale after publishing it. The Ticket’s price follows a Bonding Curve pricing curve, with prices increasing as the number of holders grows and decreasing as it decreases. Ticket holders have the right to access full content (coming soon), share the advertising revenue generated by the content (coming soon), and share the creator’s earnings from content PvP competitions (coming soon).

  • Creator Keys:

Every time a creator’s content Ticket is purchased, the smart contract automatically purchases an equivalent amount of creator Keys. When Tickets are sold in the future, the Keys bought at the same time will also be sold. Tickets must be bought and sold as whole numbers, while Keys can be bought and sold in fractions. Purchasing a certain amount of Keys will allow you to join the creator’s Circle, participate in more exclusive activities, and access exclusive Alpha information, services, or other empowerment (coming soon).

CrossSpace’s core mechanism revolves around trading content Tickets and creator Keys, based on the Dual Bonding Curve (DBC) pricing mechanism.

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