Social mining release

  • Mining buff feature launch
  • Daily task with Purple/Yellow Crystal earning

OG Badge Genesis NFT release

  • OG Badge upgrade feature launch
  • OG Badge mining utility launch
  • NFT holder exclusive events

Content feature optimization

  • Content trading campaign & leaderboard
  • Content grouping and hashtag feature launch
  • Improve user experience on content editing and sharing


Multichain integration

  • Integrate with multichains
  • Trading mechanics optimization
  • Test compatibility and flexibility for easily switching networks

PFP NFT release

  • PFP NFT launch
Content mining and PvP 1.0 gamified feature release
  • Content mining feature release
  • Ranking and rewards

MPC wallet launch

  • Integrate with existing onboarding flow


Token release plan

  • CEX listing
  • $CSPT Token release
  • Release $CSPT Token distribution plan in Community

PvP 2.0 upgrate

  • In-platform marketplace
  • Potion NFT (limited time effect) release

Key-gated Circle launch

  • Key-gated circle for creators
  • Engagement tools with key holders



  • Introduce Stake-to-earn feature

Social appchain release

  • Launch of L2 Testnet for social
  • Development of CrossSpace ecosystem
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