DBC Pricing Mechanism

Guideline on content/creator trading

CrossSpace is the ideal place for creators to monetize their influence through Circles. By launching a post, creators enable users to engage in content TICKET and user KEY trading for earning opportunities and exclusive privileges.

  • Each Post serves as a medium for content trading, and its PostID corresponds to the "Subject" field in the contract.

✨The user who launches the first post trade must be the author of the Post.

✨Subsequent users can participate in buying and selling the Post.

✨The ownership of post TICKETs must be in whole numbers; decimals are not allowed.

  • Buying and selling posts involves additional fees on top of the unit price:

Protocol fee: Currently set at 2.5% (250/10000)

Subject fee: The portion of the trading revenue that the creator can receive, currently set at 2.5% (250/10000).

  • Every content TICKET traded is accompanied by the same value of user KEY. In a word, content TICKET and user KEY are traded in a bundle.

✨Content TICKET and user KEY transactions must occur simultaneously. In other words, when buying content TICKETs, you must bundle the purchase of user KEYs. When selling a Post, you will also bundle the corresponding user KEYs for sale.

✨User KEYs cannot be traded independently.

  • How is the specific user KEY transaction volume calculated?

✨Suppose you purchase 10 content TICKETs, and the cost of the content is T0, and the transaction fee (Protocol fee plus Subject fee) is F0. You must bundle the purchase of user KEYs worth T0, along with the associated user KEY transaction fees.

✨The value of T0 in user KEYs needs to be converted into the corresponding quantity, which may involve decimals.

  • The price of user KEYs represents continuous versions of content trading, allowing users to hold fractional KEYs.

Users can profit from both short-term trading (content TICKET trading) and long-term trading (user KEY trading). By mandating the bundling of both types of transactions, it mitigates extreme price fluctuations due to the strong consumption attribute of content while reducing the barrier for users to hold fractional user KEYs over the long term.

Contract source code can be viewed at: https://polygonscan.com/address/0x49c6201bd9560aC4A86F8606A520276b23Fca5dC#code

The smart contract was audited by renowned audit firm CertiK, and details can be found at:


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