♋What is CrossSpace

Shaping the Future Value of Network and Social Impact.

What is CrossSpace?

CrossSpace is the asset distribution platform built on on-chain social impact network. With features like Content Trading and on-chain social referral network, users can grow their social influence while tapping into CrossSpace's ecosystem for opportunities in Web3 alpha activities like project airdrops, launchpad quotas, KOL fundraising rounds, and more.

Backed by prestigious VC funds like Vertex Ventures, IVC, and Summer Everest, CrossSpace boasts a valuation of $25 million.

Pain Points

For Projects:

  • Identifying genuine influencers is challenging due to the prevalence of fake follower counts on social media and geography difference, complicating decisions on marketing partnerships.

For Influencers:

  • Working solo or in small teams, influencers struggle with the absence of concrete evidence showcasing their social impact, hindering opportunities for collaborations, early-stage airdrops, and paid advertisements.

For Users

Time-consuming to identify trustworthy influencers and skeptical of their recommendations. Lack of reliable sources for influencer recommendations when entering new sectors within Web3.

We had identified the above pain points in building CrossSpace and talked to various stakeholders, an on-chain influencer network is urgently required to Enhance Efficiency for all stakeholders.

Our Proposal: Developing On-chain Influencer Impact Network

We transfer on-chain influencer network into benefits and empower influencers to seize alpha in the booming market.

Opportunities for Influencers!

Influencers in the impact network will be enjoying various benefits including:

  • Priority of staking-to-earn

  • Sponsored post ad

  • Meme coin airdrops

  • Launchpad whitelists

  • Influencer PE round

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