OG Badge NFT

OG Badges are the Utility NFT of the CrossSpace platform. Here are the basic details:
  • Pricing: 0.1 ETH per badge
  • Total Supply: 1000 badges
  • Public Sale: 500 badges
Team reserved for future creator rewards: 500 badges
Badges come in five levels: Black Gold, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Copper. Users with higher-level badges enjoy more platform campaign rewards, raffle winning weightings, and airdrop rewards. Additionally, Crystal rewards related to trading fees will have different multipliers:
  • Black Gold: 3x
  • Diamond: 2.5x
  • Gold: 2x
  • Silver: 1.5x
  • Copper: 1.25x
OG Badge Trading Mining Bonus:
Holders of OG Badges on CrossSpace enjoy the following benefits:
  • Personal Mining Rewards:
Badge level affects the Crystal rewards obtained by holders when launching your own or buying other creators’ Tickets/Keys. The rewards are given as multipliers based on the Badge level (buying has bonus rewards, selling does not, and daily Purple Crystal airdrop rewards generated based on TVL will gradually decrease if badge holders purchased more than 5 keys for themselves ).
  • Rewards for Purchasing content Tickets and Keys of the OG Badge Holder:
Regular users can also earn multipliers for buying content tickets and keys of the OG Badge Holder according to the Holder’s Badge level, maximizing mining earnings (similarly, buying has bonus rewards, selling does not).
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